Pantry Shelving Ideas You Must Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

  • Feb 28, 2019
  • Kelly Smith
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Pantry Shelving Ideas You Must Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchens tend to get congested with the many utensils and ingredients that are stored there. From utensils and appliances to food items and cleaning materials, everything is stored in the kitchen. Without the availability of sufficient storage space, it is not possible to make room for all the essentials that need to be stored in the kitchen. A pantry cabinet makes for the perfect storage solution in any kitchen. While installing new pantry cabinets or upgrading your old one, incorporate a few great pantry shelves to maximize the utility of your existing storage space, and improve the décor of your kitchen as well.

Right pantry shelving is essential for ensuring a functional and accessible pantry organization. Determining which pantry accessories will best fit in your cabinetry depends wholly upon the size and type of your pantry cabinet. There are endless options of pantry cabinet attachments, namely shallow shelves, sliding deep-set drawers, etc. Typically made of wood or wire, these shelves and drawers can be installed within the pantry cabinet. Pantry shelves can be adjustable, rotating, sliding, etc. which offers sufficient variety for buyers.

Here are some impressive pantry shelving ideas that can provide your kitchen pantry with better functionality and efficiency.

Useful Pantry Shelving Ideas for Kitchen Organization


– Sliding Deep-Set Drawers

This is an efficient pantry shelving option, which allows you to make the most of the storage space available in both small and large cabinetry. Deep-set drawers improve accessibility because you can view all the items stored in the back and can reach them easily simply by sliding the drawer out. There is no need for you to rummage through your pantry to find an object, which often happens in unorganized kitchens. Additionally, your pantry looks more neat and tidy when everything is arranged in an orderly way. You can find any item at a glance.

– Shallow Shelves

Installing shallow shelves will ensure that no material stored on these shelves is ever out of sight. This pantry shelving keeps everything visible and accessible. All the materials have to be aligned side-by-side on these shelves. Whether you are trying to prepare your children’s lunch quickly before they set off for school, or cooking your lunch before heading to your office, an easily accessible shallow storage rack can help you save time. You need not go hunting for ingredients and utensils throughout your pantry cabinet. Moreover, these pantry inserts help you save money as you can avoid purchasing the same item twice because you can’t find something in your cluttered pantry. These shelves are best suited for recessed and reach-in pantries, and also for walk-in pantry cabinets. Installing these inserts along with rollout shelves will help improve accessibility.

– Horizontal Pull-Out Racks

Pull-out racks or columns are a great add-on for your kitchen cabinetry, ideal for storing spice jars and other containers. These inserts are ideal for smaller kitchens as they can be installed in the nooks and crannies of your pantry cabinet, where other types of shelving may not fit. Thus, every inch of your cabinetry can be efficiently used without any space being wasted. These are incorporated into your cabinet sideways and all the items stored on these racks need to be arranged horizontally. These come in different heights and include sliders which can be used to pull out these racks whenever you need to reach something stored near the back.

– Adjust the Height of Pantry Shelves

The height of pantry cabinet shelves can be adjusted to allow you to fit items of various sizes in them. You can arrange all the similarly sized items on the same shelf, which will allow you to segregate everything into groups according to size and shape. Here, the height of the shelf can be altered according to the height of the items stored in them. This kind of pantry shelving will provide you with extra storage space and will allow you to make use of every bit of space available. Like utilizing labels and baskets is extremely useful for proper cabinet organization, this pantry shelving idea also comes in handy, especially in small kitchens.

– Utilize Shelf Risers in Pantry

Another great way to maximize your pantry cabinet space is by utilizing pop-up shelves. These shelf risers make use of the unused space and can provide room for more plates, dishes, trays, and other utensils. This pantry shelving solution allows you to keep more items, especially horizontally aligned kitchenware, on top of other things. So, you can create some more place to store utensils and dishes with this amazing shelf riser, without causing clutter in the pantry cabinet.

– Add Corkboard or Hooks on the Back of the Pantry Door

Have you ever pondered creating supplementary storage on the inside of the pantry door? If not, then you should definitely consider it now. You can use a pegboard, corkboard, or hooks on the inside of your pantry doors to hang objects, such as serving utensils, lids, pans, and measuring cups. Isn’t it an awesome way to accommodate these items in your kitchen without allowing them to take up extra space? In this way, you can save up space in your pantry cabinets and increase the available storage space.

The Bottom Line

You will never end up having insufficient storage space in your pantry cabinets if you choose the right kind of pantry shelving solutions to help you utilize all the available space. But you must be careful when choosing the ideal accessories for your specific pantry cabinet. Once this task is complete, you can enjoy a truly functional and orderly kitchen for years to come.

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