5 Advantages of Installing Pull-Out Pantry Shelves in the Kitchen

  • Feb 19, 2019
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Pull-Out Pantry Shelves in the Kitchen

Organizing a kitchen in an efficient and aesthetically appealing way is no easy task. It requires, time, patience, and hard work. One of the essential features of a modern kitchen is the pantry cabinet. Pantry cabinets are important because they provide a great deal of storage space, which helps us keep our kitchen neat and tidy. Everything from utensils and ingredients to appliances and cleaning supplies can be stored in a pantry cabinet. The usefulness of pantry cabinets does not need to be reiterated. However, for best results, you also need to invest in a set of pull-out pantry shelves to go with your cabinet and to get maximum storage space.

What are Pull-Out Pantry Shelves?

A pull-out pantry shelf primarily is a product that can be described as a combination of a shelf and a drawer. It is nothing more than an ordinary pantry shelf that includes an additional sliding mechanism which allows it to be pulled out or forward whenever necessary, creating more access at the back portion and the corners. Therefore, with a pull-out shelf, you can get all the functionalities of a standard flat shelf, along with the ability to pull it out whenever you want to see the items stored at the back of the cabinet, which are usually obscured from view and are less accessible.

Another feature of the pull-out shelf is that these shelves typically have slightly raised sides which ensure that small items would not roll off the shelf should it be pulled out or get pushed back in. This is particularly helpful when small jars, cans, and boxes are stored on the pull-out shelves. This is often the case when spices, flavorings, and oils are stored inside the pantry cabinet. However, the edges of pull-out pantry shelves are only slightly raised, unlike a drawer which has relatively high walls on every side.

Usually, the sliding mechanism in these pull-out shelves is quite simple and features rollers. Typically, this product does not make use of hydraulics or any other high-end technology which might be more expensive. These pull-out pantry shelves may be made from steel, plastic, laminate, or even wood. You can also choose between a straight or scalloped pull-out shelf for your kitchen.

Knobs or handles are usually not present on these shelves, as they are not needed to open or close a pull-out shelf. All you need to do is to take a hold of the front of the shelf and pull gently towards you until the whole unit moves out and forward. The absence of a handle or knob actually makes it well suited to being installed behind the doors of a cabinet, as a protruding knob could hinder the closing of the aforementioned cabinet door. Thus, in terms of design, pull-out pantry shelves are the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality.

The Advantages of Installing Pull-Out Pantry Shelves

1. Increased Storage: Installing pull-out pantry shelves will help you increase the amount of available space in your kitchen cabinets significantly. You can use these shelves to store small bottles and cans that would otherwise have gotten lost in the corners of the huge pantry cabinets. In this way, you can get more use out of the pantry cabinets than you otherwise would have.

2. More Accessible: Slide out shelves will inevitably make the entire pantry cabinet more accessible. Items stored at the back of an ordinary shelf can often become inaccessible, as they are hard to reach behind all the other products stored in front. Pull-out pantry shelves can easily solve this problem by allowing you to pull the shelf forward and pick out whatever you need from the back.

3. Charging Stations: Some of the latest pull-out pantry shelves also come equipped with power outlets. Therefore, you can set your phone or tablet to charge when you’re preparing meals in the kitchen. You can then shut the doors of the cabinet to ensure that the device is protected from the water and humidity which are constantly present in the kitchen. This will also allow you to keep the cords and devices off your countertops.

4. Better Organization: By installing these pull-out pantry shelves, you’ll make the task of pantry organization simpler and more convenient. It can be quite difficult to stack storage containers one on top of the other at the back of the cabinet. With these sliding shelves, you can make the rear areas of the cabinet more accessible while storing different types of ingredients on different shelves.

5. Multiple Uses: A pull-out pantry shelf can be used for storing pots and pans, organizing spices and flavorings, charging electronic devices, and keeping cleaning supplies. Hence, these shelves offer great functionality and can be used for multiple purposes, depending on your needs and preferences. These multi-purpose shelves will reduce the clutter in your kitchen and make your life easier.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the major benefits of high-quality pull-out pantry shelves. You should install them into your pantry cabinet if you are looking for a solution to the storage and organization related problems plaguing your kitchen.


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