How You Can Use Closet Accessories to Enhance Storage Space in the Kitchen?

  • Jul 27, 2018
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kitchen closet accessories

Home is the most comfortable area in your life, regardless of its size. Though every room has its own importance, the kitchen is the workshop of the entire house. Therefore,it demands modernization to bestow you with a relaxing experience while you prepare tasty food. It is not mandatory to have a sumptuous space to construct a highly functional kitchen. Rather, it is important to utilize the available area to the fullest to get the most from it.

Kitchen cabinets are an essential component of your kitchen that can save you from the space crunch if you succeed in incorporating proper closet accessories in it. The strategic implementation of these accessories enhances the efficiency manifolds, while making your cooking experience comfortable and easy.

Tidbits on Choosing the Closet Accessories to Increase the Kitchen Storage Space

Whether you are about to renovate your existing kitchen or design a new one, it is inevitable to incorporate appropriate closet accessories in your kitchen cabinets. These closet accessories not only enhance the functionality of the kitchen but also make the meal prep and cooking easier for the homeowner. The following are some tips on selecting the most relevant accessories for your cabinet:

  • Understand Your Need– Before you proceed to a shop to buy the kitchen cabinet accessories, it is essential to understand your needs and plan the shopping list accordingly. If you are an avid baker and like baking sweet or savory food items every other day, ensure to keep the baking trays and cake molds handy.

On the other hand, if you have toddlers at your home, it is best to keep sharp objects like knives and scissors out of their reach. The best possible way to do that is to attach closet accessories like hangers above your countertop to hang the knives and other sharp objects out of their reach.. This not only saves the space in the cabinet but also ensures the safety of your children.

  • Conceal Undesired Items– There are certain items in your kitchen which you want to hide from the onlookers. One such component is the waste bin. Usually, you keep it on the floor of the kitchen, which not only makes the area look filthy but also takes up unnecessary floor area. Why not introduce a pull-out dustbin drawer? It accommodates one or two bins inside the cabinetry, saving the floor space and eradicating the dirt from the area.
  • Organize Pull-outs and Drawers– If you want to feel relaxed in your kitchen, it is important to set it up accordingly. Deep set pull out drawers save ample space by helping you to place the pots and pans uniformly, avoiding clutter. You can also introduce hooks and stackers inside these cabinet drawers to place the pans and plates in line and in order. Apart from providing ample space, these pull-out drawers add to your ease of access.
  • Introduce Drawer Dividers– Ever felt lost while searching for the right measurement spoon or the right size of pan? These are some of the common troubles we face in the kitchen Even if you have drawers, lack of proper organization sabotages the utility of the space to a great extent. The best possible solution is to place drawer dividers inside the drawer to segregate the space into different compartments.
  • Arrange the Items According to the Size– Ever heard of pull-out spice racks? These racks can be accessed from both the sides saving space and can easily accommodate the spice jars which tend to make the appearance of the countertop messy.
  • Make the Corners Your Best Friend– Usually, the corners of your kitchen countertop, as well as the cabinets, are not utilized due to the difficulty of access. Introduce a lazy susan in the corner to access the area easily and also to increase some space in the kitchen.

Picture of a lazy susan

  • Arrange the Appliances– You tend to place the electrical appliances on the countertop, which reduces the area of the workstation to a great extent. Place the gadgets on hydraulic platforms, which can also be placed seamlessly inside the cabinet. This not only creates ample space on the kitchen countertop but also makes access and storage easy.
  • Utilize the Wall– Walls along with floors take up the maximum space in a home. We might not realize it but walls can be utilized effectively for storage as well as organization. Place the cups, goblets, glasses, and other items on the walls with the help of hooks and hangers. Pull-down wall cabinets with proper dividers can also save a lot of space by accommodating various kitchen items on the walls.

Getting the Most from the Kitchen Space

If you are seeking the most spacious kitchen to accommodate diversified items required in your meal prep and cooking process, you may be proceeding in the wrong direction. In spite of having a small kitchen, you can transform the limited space into a mammoth one by extending the storage space. Closet accessories effectively help in achieving the same by ensuring maximum utilization of the available area. Consider the aforementioned tips to not only enhance the storage space but also add to your convenience.

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