A Guide to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

  • Aug 6, 2018
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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

The kitchen is that part of your house which houses the various important components such as your appliances, countertops, and cabinets. That is why it is often considered one of the hardest places to design and decorate in a functional and aesthetically appealing manner.

You need to play safe and smart while designing a functional and cost-effective kitchen for your house. Though each element has its own role to play, nothing can surpass the importance of viable kitchen cabinets. Starting from storage to adding a flair to your kitchen, it serves you in a number of ways. Furthermore, no kitchen cabinetry is complete without equally functional and stylish kitchen cabinet accessories.

When we talk about kitchen cabinet accessories, there are two main varieties of them. The first is the external hardware and the others are the internal cabinet accessories like utensil trays and drawer dividers. We will discuss both of them in this article.

As your cabinets don’t come with pre-installed kitchen cabinet accessories, the onus to choose the best ones is on you. A good choice can transform your kitchen and enhance its beauty and functionality. On the other hand, a wrong pick will turn it into a design disaster in no time.

Are you facing trouble choosing the right kitchen cabinet accessories? Hold on, we are going to help you out with this problem.

Here are our experts’ tips, that should help you shop for the perfect kitchen cabinet accessories for your property.


Never Go Out Of Sync

You must have decided on a theme for your kitchen, right? So, it is very important that you stick to it by all means when you are buying the accessories for your cabinets. Though some permutations and combinations of different style elements are always welcome, do not try it unless you are an expert in design and interior decor.

For example, if your kitchen has a gothic theme, then going with metallic and rustic knobs for your cabinets would be a great idea. Similarly, antique pulls and knobs are perfect for a farm-house styled kitchen or a traditional kitchen. The rustic aura that an antique pull or knob radiates blend well with the subtle and tranquil aura of a traditional kitchen.

For a modern kitchen, we would recommend sleek tubular handles as they fit into a contemporary setting perfectly.

Furthermore, you should pay a little attention to the color scheme of your kitchen as well. A bold and beautiful hardware set of black, gold, or bronze hues fits beautifully in a kitchen decorated with warm tones. These are some ways in which you can stay in sync with the overall theme of your kitchen.


Shapes, Style, and Design

Understand the style, shape, detailing and any other relevant aspect of your cabinets before buying the right cabinet accessory. If you have Shaker style cabinets in your kitchen, then square handles would work better with them than the round ones. On the other hand, round handles would work perfectly with traditional cabinets, as would the kitchen edge pulls for bead board cabinet doors.

The size of your cabinet hardware should also be taken into account when choosing the right accessories. Anything which is oversized will overshadow your kitchen space. So, buy accessories that are not so big that they would eclipse other components and not so small that they can be easily overlooked.

In the case of interior cabinet accessories, size is quite important. Make sure that if you are buying drawer dividers, then they fit easily inside your cabinets. Don’t forget to take the measurement of your cabinets beforehand. Just a few inches would make a huge difference in this case.


Make a Conscious Choice

House owners often find it difficult to make a choice between pulls or knobs, as both have their own appeal and uses. However, it is highly essential to make a choice which is not only stylish but also functional. Knobs are less expensive as compared to some of their counterparts and look quite appealing. However, they don’t provide a good grip on your ceiling-high cabinets. Also, they lack in durability. On the other hand, pulls are highly functional and durable as well. They are just the right thing for cabinets which are frequently in use.

However, you might be open to using both in the same space. Then you will be making a style statement which stands out from the rest. Don’t confine yourself with a single style and play with your creativity as well. No matter what you choose, there are some factors that should never be ignored. The accessory should not have rough or harsh edges that can cause injuries. The surface should be smooth and free from any ridges.

Similarly, while buying pullouts and drawer dividers, the smooth texture is what you should consider first. As you would be using them on a daily basis, any rough ridges can cause injury to you or members of your household.


Some Extra Elements

The polishing of hardware is also another factor that needs to be taken into account before buying kitchen cabinet accessories. Though brushed nickel and chrome are the most famed and preferred ones, there are other options available for you to choose from. Satin nickel is the safest choice as it never loses its sheen and easily blends with all sorts of kitchen decors.

There is no need to only use matching accessories for your kitchen cabinets. You can go with some contrast as well. Matching your faucets with the cabinet accessories is actually not the best option. However, we would suggest you go for satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, black matte, and rust finish for the most aesthetically appealing hardware. You can go with stainless steel and brushed nickel for faucets.

The polishing factor is vital in the case of the interior accessories as well. A well-coated veneer-polished drawer divider is going to beat the regular rough usage and preserve the beauty of your cabinets. Also, it makes them enduring.


A Trial is a Must

Before swiping your credit card to make the purchase, a trial is essential. Check the comfort level of the pulls and knobs. See how much grip it offers to you. We would suggest you take a single piece as a sample and try it out at the real situation. Doing so will help you to find out whether the piece is blending well with your kitchen interiors or not.

The same rule is applicable when it comes to interior kitchen cabinet accessories. Ask your dealer to provide a sample at your location and see what fits in and what does not.


Check Your Bank Balance

Yes, paying heed on the price tag is more than necessary. As you can easily change your exterior hardware and interior accessories without even changing the entire cabinet, buying very expensive accessories is not always necessary or advisable. You should rather go for an economical and durable one.

No matter what you choose, do ensure that it is worth every single penny that is spent. Going over the budget in case of kitchen cabinet accessories is something which we will not suggest.



Kitchen cabinet accessories are like ornaments for your kitchen. They enhance the beauty of your kitchen with their exquisite looks and appeal. Just like a piece of jewelry, they should be comfortable, durable, and cost-effective. So, choose them wisely and take delight in a well decked-out and functional kitchen.


Along with being a rising interior designer, Kelly takes great interest in writing. She loves to share her experience in designing cabinet accessories in this blog.