7 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Your Dream Kitchen

  • May 11, 2019
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kitchen cabinet accessories

Having a well-organized kitchen with sufficient storage space is one of the primary goals of most kitchen remodeling projects. Improved functionality and a clutter-free environment are some of the benefits you can avail by choosing the right kitchen cabinet accessories for your dream home. These accessories are both affordable and highly useful.

The right cabinet accessories can make a world of difference, and create available and usable storage space in your kitchen through the efficient organization of existing elements. Moreover, the right accessories can even make your kitchen more accessible, which in turn would make the task of cooking and preparing meals much easier and more pleasant.

Listed below are some of the must-have kitchen cabinet accessories for your living space.

1. Roll-Out Pantry Shelves

These cabinet accessories are essential for any kitchen that has a pantry cabinet. These shelves are ideal because they are versatile and provide a huge amount of storage space. You can store almost anything in a roll-out pantry shelving system, including cutlery, utensils, ingredients, and small appliances. Big cans, jars, and tins can also be stored on these shelves. A typical roll-out pantry shelving system consists of multiple layers of shelving units stacked on top of one another. Each unit can be pulled out with ease, allowing you to arrange the items stored there with great efficiency and speed.

2. Pull-Out Step Stool

This is a type of accessory that is usually installed within the base cabinet. These unique kitchen cabinet accessories are essential for kitchens where items are stored at a great height (usually on the highest shelves of tall cabinets), which can sometimes impede accessibility. A pull-out base cabinet step stool will help you avoid the hassle of having to drag a chair or a ladder into the kitchen every time you want to reach the items stored in the topmost shelves. You can easily pull the step stool out of the base cabinet whenever needed, and climb on it to reach any item that you require, regardless of where it might have been stored.

3. Roll-Out Tray

Usually, the roll-out tray is also a part of the base cabinet. Essentially, these are large drawers which have raised edges and great depth, and can provide the perfect storage space for big utensils such as pots, pans, mixing bowls, baking dishes, skillets, etc. As these utensils are used on a regular basis, it is important to store them in a place that can be reached quickly and easily. A roll-out tray installed in the base cabinet is therefore perfect for this purpose, as it is neither too high nor in an obscure corner of the kitchen.

4. Spice Storage Drawer

This drawer is narrow and vertical in shape and is installed in one corner of the base or wall cabinet. The spice storage drawer essentially consists of a narrow pullout shelf where you can safely store small spice bottles, oil cans, flavorings, and vinegar. This drawer is usually close to the stove, so that you can reach the spices and flavorings easily while in the process of preparing a meal. The slide-out spice rack allows you to make optimum use of the corner space in your cabinetry and make your kitchen more accessible and functional than before.

5. Plate Holder Shelves

The pull-out plate holder rack offers a safe and efficient space in which to store your plates when they are not in use. Typically, plate holder racks are a part of the wall cabinet. These racks consist of multiple slots so that you can easily slide in all your plates, thus keeping them separate and clean without the risk of the plates falling off the rack and breaking. Hence, these kitchen cabinet accessories offer enhanced safety and accessibility and also help keep your kitchen clutter-free. As each plate is kept in a separate slot, they do not bang against each other and cause abrasions and breakage.

6. Drawer Peg System

This is a unique cabinet insert which consists of multiple adjustable pegs meant to be placed inside large cabinet drawers. These pegs bring some order and organization to the interiors of the drawer. You can arrange the pegs according to your needs, so as to keep your bowls, pots, and tumblers from sliding around inside the drawer, as this can lead to cracks and breakage. The peg system is popular because of its great simplicity and efficiency. With minimal effort, it can make your cabinets safer and more usable.

7. Waste Basket Pull Out

This is one of the most useful kitchen cabinet accessories and it is usually a part of the base cabinet. Usually found under the sink, it is a pull-out cabinet insert designed to accommodate two waste receptacles meant for disposing of organic and inorganic kitchen waste. This accessory is essential for maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen space. It also helps you save time while cooking, as you do not need to travel to another room to dispose of the waste that is generated during most culinary activities.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the kitchen cabinet accessories that you should definitely consider investing in when planning a kitchen remodel. They will help you find extra storage space in your kitchen by improving the efficiency and organization of the cabinetry.

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