6 Important Cabinet Accessories for a Farmhouse Kitchen Space

  • Oct 15, 2018
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6 Important Cabinet Accessories for a Farmhouse Kitchen Space

Most of us are quite fond of our kitchens – even the ones who do not cook. A great looking kitchen is loved by all and most homeowners are now trying to redesign their cooking space into a farmhouse kitchen. A classic and elegant style, the farmhouse kitchen can be rustic and old fashioned or elegant and chic. Or even an amalgamation of the two.

Farmhouse kitchens offer a wide range of options when it comes to the stylization and redecoration of the cooking space. A farmhouse kitchen can be Tuscan, All-American, French, and more. However, when it comes down to organizing this beautiful space, the same rules and cabinet accessories are used everywhere.

To make the most of your farmhouse kitchen in terms of organization, maintenance, and retaining a polished look, here are seven essential cabinet accessories that you can install.


6 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for a Farmhouse Kitchen

Cabinet Drawer Organizers: People familiar with an All-American farmhouse kitchen design are aware of the importance of white kitchen cabinets. An American farmhouse kitchen is incomplete without the installation of white kitchen cabinets. From base cabinets to pantry cabinets, all the closet spaces must be colored white. Kitchen cabinet drawer organizers can be installed in the top drawers of a cabinet to neatly stack small items like spice jars, cutlery, and more. These drawer inserts, if installed in the relatively bigger lower drawers, can be used for storing dishes and cookware in segregated sections. Long drawer inserts can be used effectively to create four to five separate sections in a drawer for sorting smaller kitchen items like knives, cutlery, and spice jars.

1. Base Kitchen Cabinet Inserts:

Base cabinet inserts help us to locate and access culinary items easily, which would have otherwise been forgotten at the back of the kitchen shelf. Many a time, we stack the ingredients in a certain order and forget the arrangement later, leading to a mess at the time of cooking. To eliminate this problem, install single partitioned base cabinet inserts that can be pulled out easily. These base cabinet inserts are ideal for storing daily used food items and utensils.

2. Wall Cabinet Inserts:

Wall cabinet inserts are similar to a staircase rack that can be inserted in the cabinets above for storing big utensils, food cans, sauces, jars, and ingredients. There are different types of wall cabinet inserts, allowing the owner the dual convenience of easy access and easy organization. Glass and plate tray shelves and Pull down shelves are some of the most common wall cabinet inserts available in the market.


3. Kitchen Cabinet Dish Organizers:

A wide variety of kitchen cabinet dish organizers are available in the market, depending on the requirements of the buyer. These cabinet accessories can be used to stack all types of plates. They can also be used for storing both plates and bowls, plates and saucers, or any other combination of utensils that includes plates. Cabinet dish accessories can come in either rack style or peg style. Peg style dish organizers can be inserted in the kitchen cabinet itself and will help keep the plates and dishes scratch-free.


4. Trash Can Pull Outs:

Trash can/bin pullouts are a sub-category of base cabinet accessories, which have been designed especially to keep the trash out of sight. These trash can pullouts can hold a maximum of two bins and they are an excellent option for disposing of rubbish while keeping the kitchen free of mess and odors. Keeping a smelly and overflowing trash bin in plain sight is not only disgusting to look at but also unhealthy, given that food is cooked in the same place. Installing a trash can pull-out will enable you to create an exclusive space for the trash bin, isolating the rubbish away from the food items, utensils, and cooked food.


5. Blind Corner Pull-Outs:

Another type of base cabinet accessory, the blind corner pullouts come into play where the lazy susan has been rendered ineffective. This cabinet accessory enables the cook to utilize the corners of base and wall kitchen cabinets. Blind corner pull outs are similar to traditional roll out cabinet inserts, except that they are designed especially for cabinet corners. As cabinet corners are difficult to reach, they are usually not used to store kitchen items. The blind corner pullouts allow you to easily access this space, making the items stored in it easily visible.


6. Pantry Cabinet Pull-Out:

Pantry cabinet pull-outs are kitchen cabinet accessories that were designed especially for pantries, to make the most of the pantry space and keep it neat and organized. Pantry cabinet inserts and pullouts are available in a multitude of designs and sizes to fit all kinds of needs. These cabinet accessories not only help in maximizing the storage space but also help enahance the functionality of the pantry area.


In Conclusion:

Once the proper kitchen cabinet accessories have been inserted in the drawers and cabinets, the overall space becomes much more functional and easy to use. However, before you choose the ideal cabinet accessory designs for your kitchen, take stock of the items you own in the kitchen, particularly their sizes. For example, if you need more drawer inserts, there is no point buying a Lazy Susan or pantry pull-outs. Therefore, be mindful before installing kitchen cabinet accessories in your cooking space. Buy items only in accordance with your requirements.


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