10 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to Organize Your Cooking Space

  • Aug 25, 2018
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10 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to Organize Your Cooking Space

Owing a beautiful, exquisite and highly functional kitchen is the dream of every house owner. And why shouldn’t it be? There is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most important areas of any house. It is not a place where we just cook food, it is the place where we bond as a family over the food.

Though it takes a lot of effort to design a viable and modern kitchen, the importance of cabinet accessories stands unrivaled. Cabinet accessories not only make your cabinets more useful, but they also ensure complete utilization of the cabinet space.

Choosing a kitchen cabinet accessory is a tough job as you need to keep the functionality and cost factor into the mind before installing them. Furthermore, it is a variable factor which depends on the needs and requirements of the house owner. Some house owners are fond of spicy foods so they require a space which can store small yet significant number of spices bottles. On the other hand, those who are fond of baking require a large storage space to store baking equipment like a beater, blender, and a microwave, easily. As the demand for cabinet accessory is entirely need-based, you have to be extra conscious while choosing them.

10 Cabinet Accessories You Must Install to Create a Highly Functional Kitchen

Here are the top 10 must-have cabinet accessories that you should install to organize your cooking space.

1. Blind Corner Pull Out

We all have those blind corners in our kitchen which are hard to reach. Despite their obstinate accessibility, you can’t ignore them as not using them would end up wasting a large kitchen space. In this situation, blind corner pullouts are the best cabinet accessories to install. With its easy pull-out design, they make every inch of the cabinet accessible. Also, they are highly useful in the areas where the traditional Lazy Susan doesn’t work. If you use them intelligently, you will get extra storage space at an affordable cost.

2. Pan and Pot Dividers

With a deep pan and pot divider cabinet accessory, you can easily store a large number of pots in a single drawer, in an organized manner. You can stack pots and pans one over other and organize your cooking space. Don’t forget to install this accessory just below your stove. Doing this will help you to de-clutter space and will lessen the efforts that you put in bringing pots and pans from another part of the kitchen.

3. Peg Dividers

Peg dividers are must-have cabinet accessory for all those who want to organize every single piece of the utensil they own. Peg dividers are movable and can be placed as per your need.

4. Pull-Out Pantry Inserts

The pantry is an essential part of any kitchen as this is the place where we keep all our daily essentials. With so many bottles and jars, it is often considered one of the most difficult areas of the kitchen to organize. However, installing pantry pull-out inserts makes the organizational process easy and trouble-free. These cabinet accessories easily maximize the storage space and also give a stylish look to your kitchen. There is a number of variants of this cabinet accessory available in the market from which you can choose as per your need.

5. Spice Rack Pull Outs

Spice rack pullout is one of the most functional and useful kitchen cabinet accessories that anyone could ever ask for. The reason behind this is that it hardly requires more than 3” of space to install and stores all your spice bottles, neatly. We would suggest, you to install spice rack pullouts beside the cooking area or the stove for easy accessibility to the essential spices.

6. Tray Dividers

Are your trays scattered all around the kitchen? Then we would suggest you install tray dividers just below the cooking area, to keep the trays organized in one place. This cabinet accessory is one of the most cost-effective, durable and practical object you can install to organize your cooking area. Tray dividers can easily store cookie trays and broil pans leaving the cooking area neat and tidy. Also, by installing it, you get more space for chopping and cutting.

7. Appliance Garage

We all own a long list of appliance for smooth cooking. From a hand blender to a full-sized microwave, the kitchen appliances can be of various types and sizes. An appliance garage is a good solution for storing away these appliances safely. These cabinet accessories can be used under the open spaces of cabinets near your cooking area for regular and frequent use.

8. U-Drawers

The sink area is an important part of your cooking area as it cleans all the mess. Keeping this space well-organized is indeed imperative. An U-drawer fitted under the sink is a great cabinet accessory to make the space neat and tidy. It will easily house all your kitchen cleaning equipment in a single place leaving space for trash bins as well.

9. Wooden Knife Dividers

Storing a wide range of knives in the kitchen is common and essential in any house. Therefore, a wooden knife divider is an ultimate solution for storing away these knives safely. You can place it under the stove or up on the cabinet away from the reach of children.

10. Pan Peg Pullouts

Sauté pan, grill pan, saucepan, fry pan, and cast iron skillet are some of the utensils that are found in every kitchen. Organizing them properly can be a dreadful task at times given that you would require large space for storing them. Pan peg pullouts are the best cabinet accessories for storing different types of pans if you have a small kitchen and limited space to work with. You can easily hang them on the hooks and store all your pan collection in a relatively small space.


Using cabinet accessories intelligently not only helps you to organize your cooking area but also makes you a proud owner of a smooth functioning kitchen. By using the above-mentioned cabinet accessories, you will be able to utilize every inch of your kitchen space skillfully.

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